Provider Schedule

Our Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Professional Care Team spend time in both Burnsville and Spruce Pine. This basic schedule may vary due to vacations, illness, or hospital rounding schedules, but typically you will find the following providers in the following locations on these days:

  Spruce Pine Office Burnsville Office
 Chad Smoker, MD  &
 Meri Stella, MD
 Karen Peterson, FNP
 Tuesday Asheville Gastroenterology Clinic
 Rebekah Michelle Smith, NP-C
 Chad Smoker, MD &
 Jonathan Polgar, PA
 Wednesday Chad Smoker, MD &

 Karen Peterson, FNP
 Thursday Chad Smoker, MD 
  Jonathan Polgar, PA
 Karen Peterson, FNP
 Friday Steven Hill, MD * &
 Karen Peterson, FNP
 Chad Smoker, MD 
 Saturday            alternating               ------------
 Sunday         -------------------              --------------

* Dr. Hill has temporarily suspended his practice.

8-5 Monday - Friday and 8-1 on Saturday

If you are having a true medical emergency 
(difficulty breathing, symptoms of heart attack or stroke, etc.) 
please immediately call 911

    If you have questions about an acute problem after 5pm which you feel cannot wait for regular office hours, you may call (828) 367-7965 to be put in touch with an on-call provider.

The after hours numbers should not be used for prescription refill requests or requests for antibiotics. 

For prescription antibiotic or prescription requests call the regular office numbers:

Spruce Pine:   (828) 765-6101            Burnsville:   (828) 682-7333

A provider is always available to respond to your concerns when the office is closed.