Medical Home

Our role in your healthcare team

We will...

    • work together with you, using shared decision-making to manage your health

    • provide you with tools, resources, and education to help manage your health

    • serve as the quarterback of your care team, managing care inside the practice and within the community

    • use care that has been tested and proven to improve the health of you and your family

    • communicate with specialists, hosptials, and other care facilities to manage your health

Your role as a patient in a Medical Home

We encourage you to...

    • work with your healthcare team to set goals and communicate about things that may prevent you from being healthy

    • bring a list of your concerns and questions to discuss with your provider

    • bring your prescription and over-the-counter bottles to make sure your medical record is always current

    • inform the care team of care you may have received in the community or out of town since your last appointment (This includes specialist visits, hospital stays or emergency room/urgent care visits.)

    • follow through on annual physicals and recommended screenings

    • openly share feelings of anxiety, sadness, and other concerns that impact your overall well-being

Care Coordination

Our role is to refer you to the appropriate specialists for optimum health. Your role is to follow through with referrals or contact your medical home if you have not been able to see the specialists

Care Options After Hours

It is our goal to meet your healthcare needs 24/7. We have multiple options for you to obtain care:

    • Medical Home: A provider is always available to respond to your concerns when the office is closed. Consider this option if you have questions about managing an illness or condition until the office reopens. If a call comes in before 11:00 AM, the patient/caller is instructed they will receive an answer by 1:00 PM the same day. If the call is after 4:00 PM the patient/caller is instructed they will receive an answer by 9:00 AM the following day.

    • If you are having a true medical emergency (difficulty breathing, symptoms of heart attack or stroke, etc.) please immediately call 911.

  • If you have questions about an acute problem which you feel cannot wait for regular office hours please do one of the following:

      • Dr. Smoker patients: Call 828-367-7965 to speak with the on-call provider.

    • Saturday Out-Patient Clinic: This option offers care for immediate treatment of conditions such as infections, asthma or injuries such as sprains or cuts that need stitches.

      • Spruce Pine Practice -- 828.765.6101 -- 88 Hospital Drive; Spruce Pine, NC 28777

    • Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Emergency Room: Available 24/7 when you need emergency care for conditions such as bleeding that will not stop, difficulty breathing, and chest pain.