Medical Home

Our role in your healthcare team

 We will...
  • work together with you, using shared decision-making to manage your health
  • provide you with tools, resources, and education to help manage your health
  • serve as the quarterback of your care team, managing care inside the practice and within the community
  • use care that has been tested and proven to improve the health of you and your family
  • communicate with specialists, hosptials, and other care facilities to manage your health
Your role as a patient in a Medical Home

We encourage you to...
  • work with your healthcare team to set goals and communicate about things that may prevent you from being healthy
  • bring a list of your concerns and questions to discuss with your provider
  • bring your prescription and over-the-counter bottles to make sure your medical record is always current
  • inform the care team of care you may have received in the community or out of town since your last appointment (This includes specialist visits, hospital stays or emergency room/urgent care visits.)
  • follow through on annual physicals and recommended screenings
  • openly share feelings of anxiety, sadness, and other concerns that impact your overall well-being